Our Harp Guitars are more than just a rich sounding, full bodied , balanced guitar with an edge.
They incorporate a resounding deep and powerful bass with a crystal clear dulcimer sounding treble harp.


A Variety of Hardwoods for Your Personal Preference

The guitars are made according to your specifications, with most hardwoods being available for the back and sides. Dark Walnut, Mahogany and Lacewood and Flame Maple are popular examples. 

The necks and headstocks are of laminated construction, consisting of Maple and a contrasting dark hardwood. The fingerboard, bridge and headstock plates are constructed of Cocobolo Rosewood or Ebony. The soundboards are made from the highest grade Engelmann Spruce tone wood.


Your Perfect Neck & Fingerboard

The problem with finding the perfect playing guitar for your style often comes down to the way it feels under your fingers. 

The neck on a Seraph Harp Guitar can be profiled to order for a comfortable, effortless playing experience. If you feel like you're spoilt for choice, Rocket Music Online have a great page detailing common neck shapes.

Even the finger board can be radiused to your specifications: anywhere from 12" to completely flat. Or, if you'd prefer, just tell us a neck profile that you like: maybe you love a Gibson neck? Or a Taylor ? a Martin, even a "Strat". These are all possibilities.


                       Machine Heads,Levers & Strings

The instrument uses purely standard acoustic steel/phosphor bronze guitar strings ranging from size 010 – 058 - and a spare set is provided! Due to the absence of fret wear, the bass & treble harp strings boast a very long life.

There are twelve left-handed deluxe 18:1 ratio Gotoh or Wilkinson heads on the guitar and on the bass. The treble harp makes use of eight 40:1 ratio vertical mini tuners, or eight micro tuners and sharpening levers.

As you can see, we make a beautiful instrument. No quality is sacrificed at any stage of the process.



Llibre Vermell revisited in "OPUS", live from Grey Cat Festival 2014 - Castello di Scarlino "OPUS" featuring the Harp Guitar.

Beautiful Finish, Beautiful Fit

It's designed to fit comfortably in the lap of a performer - or, as shown by artist Simone Sorini in the video opposite - hang  from a normal guitar strap. 

The instrument is 45" long, with maximum width and maximum depth measuring at 18" and 5" respectively.

A range of finishes are also available:

  • Satin (standard),
  • Gloss
  • Satin back and sides + gloss front
  • Gloss back and sides + satin front
  • Special finishes: e.g. sunburst or colours to order

Electronics and Case

Orders are available with the option of a custom built “Headway Snake II” or “HE pickup system” with individually voiced pre-amps for each part of the instrument. The pre-amps are situated in the endpins and all run from a single 9v battery (battery life approx. 100 hrs in use). They do not intrude on the acoustic qualities of the instrument.
There is also the option of having the central guitar pickup replaced with a “Fishman” or “B BAND” transducer and pre-amp, giving an on board tuner and tone controls.

 The supplied case is an “ABS” flight case with a custom fitted interior. There is also the option of a hard foam, lightweight semi-rigid fabric case.

Prices start at approximately £6000, depending on the specifications. Get in contact for a quote.They are crafted to order upon receipt of a 25% deposit and are available in a variety of combinations!







tony harp guitar 012.JPG
tony harp guitar 005 - sml.JPG